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Welcome to Razorblade

Our online store is designed to meet the needs of every type of bulk buyer - Wholesale or Distributor. We carry everything a professional tattoo artist or body piercer needs. We use all of our supplies at our own tattoo studios. Visit our artists at 717 Tattoo

All of our jewelry is manufactured by industry professionals for industry professionals. We are constantly striving to bring you, the buyer, the highest quality product at the lowest possible price. We aim to be a one stop tattoo and piercing wholesale superstore. You will not find cheap tattoo supplies here, but you will find trusted brand names and unbeatable service. Razorblade Products has been in business since 2004. We hope to bring our product knowledge to your studio.

Enter our store and browse our enormous selection of tattoo supplies, body piercing supplies, medical supplies and equipment for your tattoo shop

2016 Convention Tour Schedule

1/8-1/10 Minneapolis Tattoo Arts Convention - Minn, MN
1/15-1/17 DC Tattoo Arts Expo - Arlington, VA
1/29-1/31 Cleveland Tattoo Arts Convention - Cleveland, OH
2/5-2/7 Inkfest - Charlotte, NC
2/12-2/14 Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention - Philly, PA
2/19-2/21 Space City Tattoo Expo - Huntsville, AL
3/18-3/20 Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention - Chicago, IL
4/1-4/3 Louisville Tattoo Arts Convention - Louisville, KY
4/15-4/17 Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention - Baltimore, MD
4/15-4/17 Tattanooga Tattoo Expo - Chattanooga, TN
5/13-5/15 Kansas City Tattoo Convention
5/20-5/22 War of the Roses Tattoo Convention - Lancaster, PA
7/29-7/31 Visionary Tattoo Arts Festival - Asbury Park, NJ
8/12-8/14 Wildwood Beach Bash - Wildwood, NJ
8/12-8/14 Mason Dixon Tattoo Expo - Hagerstown, MD
8/26-8/28 Knoxville Tattoo Convention - Knoxville, TN
9/2-9/4 Keystone State Tattoo Expo - Wilkes Barre, PA
9/16-9/18 Tampa Tattoo Arts Convention - Tampa, FL
11/4-11/6 AC Tattoo Expo - Atlantic City, NJ

963 B Clearview Ave
Harrisburg, PA 17111
toll free: (877) 777 - 2967
local: (717) 558 - 6770
fax: (717) 558 - 6771