Body Jewelry Sizes and Designs

2B Jewelry Sizes And Designs

Jewelry designed for ear piercings is not appropriate for wear in body
piercings. Ear jewelry is designed to fit the thickness of the average
earlobe; most body piercings are wider than the thickness of the
earlobe. Ear jewelry is too thin to be safely worn in body
piercings. Rings and hoops designed for ear piercings often have
hinges, hooked ends or overlapping hollow tubes with rough edges which
easily irritate the piercing. Ear piercing studs are difficult to
clean. The butterfly clip backing can become clogged with discharge,
dirt, and bacteria. Ear jewelry is usually made of silver or of a
lesser grade of steel or is plated, all unsuitable materials for wear
in body piercings.

Sewing needles and safety pins are made of a lesser grade of steel and
are usually nickel-plated. Wearing sewing needles and safety pins can
cause a severe allergic reaction and lifelong sensitivity to nickel.

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