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Microdermals are one of the latest additions to the world of body modification. The anchors go by a variety of names including “surface anchors” “Transdermal anchors”, “subdermals” or “anchors”

A microdermal or surface anchor has evolved from the techniques used in pocketing, dermal anchoring and transdermal implants.

“The idea is to give the aesthetic look of a transdermal implant but with the simplicity and safety of a piercing” (Brian Decker – Pure Body Arts).

The simplest way to describe the jewelery is that of a miniaturized transdermal implant, i.e. a flat plate which sits beneath the skin with a single exit for a barbell post giving the visual effect of jewelery (a bead, spike, etc.) that appears to be screwed right into the body.

This piece of jewelry is designed for a “single point” piercing. Which means that it is a piercing that has only one visible end or bead. Because of this it allows you to be very creative with piercing placement. Place a single gemstone in a third eye position, add an eye to a tattoo, basically anywhere on your body you can insert a microdermal anchor. No invasive procedure is required to implant a dermal anchor.

These are installed with only 1 needle and one insertion. Only go to an experienced piercer who has done this procedure before. This is not the Dermal Anchorâ„¢ made by Ben Trigg.

Various examples of microdermals in action:

Our microdermals are made from 6AL4V ELI F-136 Implant Grade Titanium (Grade 23). A variety of ends such as gems, spikes and balls can be used to change things up with your new microdermal.

Whether you’re a piercer or a piercee, both will find the following video on how to care for a microdermal very informative.

Check back later for more information on giving, receiving and caring for microdermal piercings.